Immigration and the Trillion-Dollar Lottery

Source: The American Spectator
by Veronique de Rugy

“A farmer who stays in his relatively poorer country contributes virtually nothing to the global economy. Yet that changes once he arrives in a country where he produces so much more food that a lot of it can be sold on export markets. The global food supply rises, benefiting all people who eat, including Americans. After all, more supply means lower food prices everywhere. In addition, more immigration means a deeper market for housing …. More immigration also increases the ease of finding caregivers for children, nurses for aging parents, and landscapers for lawns — all of which improve prospects for others to pursue more lucrative employment. … while immigration may lower local wages by increasing the supply of workers, immigration also increases the number of consumers for other goods and services, which then increases wages by raising the demand for more jobs.” (09/08/21)