Johansson’s beef with OpenAI points to unclear laws on voice cloning

Source: Understanding AI
by Timothy B Lee

“Scarlett Johansson released a statement implying that OpenAI had introduced the ‘Sky’ voice at the GPT-4o event (it was actually released in September) and accusing the company of basing Sky on her voice. … But according to documentation OpenAI shared with the Washington Post, Sky is the voice of a different actress. OpenAI hired her last June, months before it first approached Johansson. And the other woman’s agent told the Washington Post that OpenAI never mentioned Johansson or the movie Her while they were creating the Sky voice. OpenAI’s decision to stop using Sky means there’s unlikely to be a legal battle between Johansson and OpenAI. But the controversy made me wonder about the state of the law here.” (05/28/24)