Libertarians nominate Chase Oliver for president, rejecting Trump and RFK Jr.

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“The US Libertarian party has nominated Chase Oliver as its presidential candidate after members rejected overtures from Donald Trump and Robert F Kennedy Jr. Oliver, 38, who describes himself as ‘armed and gay,’ was chosen at the party’s convention in Washington DC on Sunday at the end of seven rounds of voting that lasted seven hours. Accepting the nomination, he vowed to be ‘the only national candidate’ – contrasting himself to Trump, Kennedy and President Joe Biden – in the presidential poll and called for a ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza, saying ‘end the genocide.’ Oliver’s victory followed separate pitches to the Libertarian convention – staged against the backdrop slogan of ‘Become Ungovernable’ – by Trump and Kennedy for the backing of a party that could win a significant enough proportion of the popular vote to swing what is expected to be a close election.” (05/27/24)