The Closing of the Internet Mind

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker, Debbie Lerman, Aaron Kheriaty, & Andrew Lowenthal

“Despite all the revelations regarding the Censorship Industrial Complex, and the wide involvement of government in these efforts, plus the resulting lawsuits that claim that this is all censorship, the walls are clearly closing in further by the day. Users are growing accustomed to it, for fear of losing their accounts. For example, YouTube (which feeds 55 percent of all video content online) allows three strikes before your account is deleted permanently. One strike is devastating and two existential. You are frozen in place and forced to relinquish everything — including your ability to earn a living if your content is monetized — if you make one or two wrong moves. No one needs to censor you at that point. You censor yourself. It was not always this way. It was not even supposed to be this way.” (05/27/24)