“Kids These Days”: Ending the American Tradition of Demonizing the Young

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“ids these days, right? With their raucous campus meltdowns and their Maoist TikTok propaganda and their weird designer pronouns and their K-pop trap-hop gibber music. A motherfucker can’t even tell a good ‘dumb pollack’ joke anymore without getting digitally lynched by a posse of iPhone wielding stoners with pink pubic hair and thrice pierced genitalia. I mean what in Archie Bunker’s name is this world coming to? These kids think they run the goddamn universe now, that they can just cancel wars like TV shows, customize their own gender like ordering a pizza, never ever get any kind of real job, and save the world from the old just by being obnoxiously young… And you know what? They are absolutely fucking right.” (05/26/24)