CA: Senate passes bill to add “speed governors” to all new cars

Source: SFGate

“If some California legislators have their way, your car could soon scold you if you exceed the speed limit. On Tuesday, the state Senate passed SB 961, a bill sponsored by Sen. Scott Wiener. The bill requires passive speed governors to be added to all new cars manufactured or sold in California by 2032. Speed governors would alert drivers with ‘audible and visual signals when they exceed the speed limit by greater than 10 miles per hour,’ a press release from Wiener’s office said. ‘California, like the nation as a whole, is seeing a horrifying spike in traffic deaths, with thousands of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians dying each year on our roads,’ Wiener said. ‘These deaths are preventable, and they’re occurring because of policy choices to tolerate dangerous roads.’ According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, speeding was a factor in one-third of traffic deaths between 2017 and 2021.” (05/27/24)