Trump is hardly libertarian. But neither is today’s Libertarian Party.

Source: Washington Post
by Peter Goettler

“We know by now that Donald Trump likes nothing better than stepping onto a stage, hearing his name chanted by an adoring crowd, and flashing his familiar thumbs-up sign. This week, the former president will do just that under the bright lights at the Libertarian National Convention in D.C. It will be the first time in U.S. history that a presidential candidate of a rival party will address the convention of a party that is presumably gathering to nominate its own candidate. And this strange turn of events has many libertarians scratching their heads. With a razor-thin electoral college contest in the offing this November, it’s clear that any play for incremental support is worth Trump’s effort and could make the difference. But what’s in it for the National Libertarian Party? The answer, unfortunately, reveals the truth about today’s party: It’s hardly libertarian anymore.” (05/23/24)