Murder Porn

Source: The Dispatch
by Nick Cataggio

“On Tuesday, a federal judge unsealed a number of filings in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s classified material case against Trump. There was real news buried in the trove: Allegedly, four separate documents clearly marked ‘classified’ were found in Trump’s own bedroom at Mar-a-Lago, raising the question of how they could have escaped his notice amid his assurances to the FBI that he’d turned over everything. To MAGA die-hards, though, that wasn’t the newsy revelation in the filings. The newsy revelation was that the FBI was prepared to murder Donald Trump. Julie Kelly, a well-known MAGA true believer, was mortified by the fact that the operations order for the search warrant served on Mar-a-Lago in 2022 authorized the feds to ‘use deadly force when necessary.’ … In a matter of hours, populists had transformed Kelly’s misreading — and that’s what it was, as we’ll see — into an honest-to-goodness assassination plot against Trump.” (05/22/24)