Texas Is Just the Start: Other Republican States Are Plotting Attacks on Abortion Rights

Source: In These Times
by Julia Conley

“Republican lawmakers and governors in several states are planning or considering forced-birth legislation mirroring Senate Bill 8 in Texas, which the U.S. Supreme Court allowed to go into effect this week – stunning and angering abortion providers and rights advocates across the country. In a number of states where extreme anti-choice bills have been blocked by courts in recent years, far-right legislators are seeing the court’s decision as tacit approval of future laws that, like S.B. 8, would authorize private citizens to sue anyone who aids someone in obtaining abortion care after six weeks of pregnancy, enabling plaintiffs to win at least $10,000 in court and getting around Roe vs. Wade by keeping the state government itself from enforcing the bans.” [editor’s note: Those who are truly pro choice should welcome this trend, since the sooner the courts have real issues (i.e., actual attempts to enforce this nonsense) to deal with, the sooner they can declare these oversteps unconstitutional, and thus null and void! – SAT] (09/07/21)