Infrastructure Summer: The Fight Against the Next Pandemic Starts Now

Source: The American Prospect
by Lee Harris

“When Abie Rohrig saw a video of Vox’s Dylan Matthews donating his kidney to a stranger, he was hooked. ‘Immediately, I was just like, definitely something I want to do. I looked at the numbers. It’s like, 3-in-10,000 risk of death, which is similar to appendicitis,’ Rohrig said. ‘It’s only slightly higher than childbirth, which I would do, if I wasn’t a guy.’ Rohrig donated his kidney after his freshman year in college. He is now a junior at Swarthmore, and undergoing major surgery was just the start of his passion for bioethics. When the pandemic hit, Rohrig began advocating for high-risk, high-reward challenge trials, signing up to be infected with COVID-19 in order to speed along epidemiological research.” (09/08/21)