Nice guy Joe Biden has morphed into a mean man who is calculating, callous and cruel

Source: Fox News Forum
by Deroy Murdock

“President Joe Biden got elected largely because millions of voters found him caring and empathetic. Mr. Nice Guy, the argument went, would be a welcome relief from the sometimes abrasive and combative President Donald J. Trump. But Biden’s winning, grandfatherly persona is among the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Americans abandoned in Afghanistan. As the president retreated from Kabul, to the beat of the Taliban’s drummer, Nice-guy Joe morphed into Mean Mr. Biden. The president’s true colors now shine with searing clarity. He has exposed himself as calculating, callous, and cruel.” [editor’s note: Of all the things I ever heard said about Biden, “caring” and “empathetic” weren’t two of them. He was elected because he wasn’t Trump, full stop – TLK] (09/08/21)