Media is cleaning up Biden’s Afghan mess for him

Source: American Consequences
by Buck Sexton

“Right on schedule, the corporate-Democrat media is furiously rewriting the recent history of the Biden administration in Afghanistan (something I predicted just last week). If it weren’t so stunningly dishonest, their dedication to this White House of buffoons would be impressive. Joe may occasionally wander off lost into the bushes in the Rose Garden with the Secret Service trying to usher him inside or start mumbling nonsense when the prompter font size isn’t big enough. But some of the biggest news organizations want you to believe he is a modern-day Talleyrand when it comes to his foreign-policy acumen. For a quick review … There are still hundreds (the exact number is unknown) of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan, left behind by the Biden team. Are we supposed to have forgotten the scenes of chaos at Kabul airport from August?” (09/08/21)