Why did President Biden invoke executive privilege over the recording of his special counter interview, but not the transcript?

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Josh Blackman

“Special Counsel Robert Hur described President Biden as a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.’ The White House did not invoke executive privilege to block the release of the transcript of Hur’s interview with Biden. The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees requested the audio recording of Hur’s interview. Now the White House has invoked executive privilege to block the release of the audio. … For years, the Supreme Court resisted live-streaming oral argument, or even a same-day release. Why? Several justices acknowledged they were worried that audio from the proceeding could be spliced up and used for political purposes. Fast-forward to the present day, and all of the cases are live-streamed. As far as I can tell, the fears about chopping up audio have not materialized.” (05/16/24)