The Mundane Can Protect Us

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Eric Hussey

“[A] lot of folks view making people see as kind of mundane. It’s not as exciting as removing a brain tumor or doing a heart transplant or some such heroic thing. Then one day as I was talking to a colleague/friend, it struck me that, maybe with the exception of antibiotics and perhaps the polio vaccines, very few medical things over the past, say, 200 years have changed broad swaths of peoples’ lives for the better as much as glasses. … the mundane gets lost. Think about football. In professional football, who do people recognize? If we use officially licensed products (jerseys, etc) as a proxy, thirteen of the top twenty in sales are quarterbacks. Why aren’t the right tackles the big sellers? It’s too mundane to just protect the highest-paid guy on the team from injury.” (05/15/24)