Can Trump win without Haley supporters?

Source: The Hill
by Bernard Goldberg

“Donald Trump is a man who holds grudges and doesn’t like anyone too close to him with strong, independent views. He prefers the kind of people who, whether they really believe it or not, will go out on the campaign trail and enthusiastically tell voters how wonderful he is — and who, when asked, will either tap dance around the question of whether the 2020 election was rigged, or flat-out agree with Trump that it was. So reaching out to Nikki Haley would be out of character for him. Way out of character. But Haley won 22 percent of the vote in last week’s Indiana’s GOP primary — even though she dropped out of the race two months ago. … maybe he figures he’s got the election wrapped up and doesn’t need Nikki Haley — or her supporters. But that’s a big gamble.” (05/15/24)