Could Manhattan court acquit Trump?

Source: Washington Times
by Deroy Murdock

“Having served on three Manhattan juries, I would not be surprised if the 12 men and women hearing New York v. Donald J. Trump acquit him of all charges. In two civil actions and one criminal case, my fellow jurors were serious, professional, and movingly civic-minded. A quiet, solemn patriotism infused our deliberations. Several jurors said that we should respect the justice system because we might need it to respect us someday. My first case was a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a botched abortion. We empathized with a woman wounded by her doctors, but her lawyer did not prove negligence. So we sent the plaintiff home without a penny. Next, we deliberated intensely for almost three days before concluding that a Harlem drug counselor never demonstrated his claim of defamation of character against his employers. My sympathetic pleas went unheeded, and he left empty-handed.” (05/15/24)