Republican [sic] Court Rulings Keep Helping Republicans Win Elections

Source: American Prospect
by Hassan Ali Kanu

“A set of ongoing lawsuits over new voting districts drawn after the 2020 census have made it more and more clear that some Republican- and Trump-appointed judges are tacitly colluding with state officials to give Republicans an advantage in elections, by disenfranchising the growing population of Black and Latino voters. They’ve been quietly successful thus far. But a decision expected as soon as today from the U.S. Supreme Court will be a key indicator as to how these anti-democratic efforts will fare in this year’s and future elections. This Republican effort to predetermine election results isn’t coming from the place you might expect. Despite all the bluster and countless failed lawsuits, former President Donald Trump and his allies haven’t been able to produce a shred of evidence to back their claims of rampant election fraud by Democrats in the 2020 presidential election.” (05/15/24)