New Caledonia: French colonial troops to deploy over riots

Source: BBC Newss [UK state media]

“The French government has said it will deploy troops to secure ports and the main airport in the Pacific territory of New Caledonia as unrest continues. Clashes erupted on Monday after lawmakers in Paris backed changes to voting rolls that the indigenous population say will dilute their political influence. At least four people, including a police officer, have been killed in the violence. Speaking after chairing a crisis meeting, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said a ban on TikTok and a fresh curfew were being introduced to try to restore calm. President Emmanuel Macron had earlier declared a state of emergency, warning that the violence would be met with a strict response. The unrest started after lawmakers in Paris proposed granting French residents who have lived in the territory for 10 years voting rights in the province. The changes were approved by the French parliament on Wednesday morning.” (05/15/24)