NY: Pol charged with exercising Second Amendment rights, possession of fake street gang credentials

Source: Business Insider

“A deputy mayor of a city in New York state faces federal charges after authorities discovered unregistered firearms and bogus badges for federal agencies, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday. Last week, Brian Downey, a Republican who serves as deputy mayor of Airmont, New York, was taken into custody for ‘purchasing a rifle suppression device over the internet,’ according to a statement from the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office. Authorities later executed a search warrant on his home and found at least 13 illegal [sic] suppressors and 16 unregistered assault weapons, including a short-barrel rifle and sawed-off shotgun. … Alongside the illegal [sic] firearms, law enforcement officers also found …. ‘numerous federal badges and credentials’ bearing Downey’s name from various agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Prisons, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” (09/07/21)