Now on TikTok: The government doing its latest national security dance

Source: Washington Post
by George F Will

“Metastasizing government, seeping into every crevice of life, cannot get out of its own way. It justifies punitive action against Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok as crucial to ‘national security.’ Simultaneously, however, the government claims that a Japanese steel corporation’s purchase of U.S. Steel would threaten ‘national security’: Federal officials feign alarm (this is too risible to be other than political theater) about a corporation from an allied nation purchasing the third-largest U.S. steelmaker, from which the Defense Department currently buys none of the merely 3 percent of domestic steel production it needs. … Nowadays, a ‘trust us’ response from government intensifies rather than allays suspicions. So, Congress should share much of what it has seen that supposedly justifies forcing divestiture or the banning of TikTok. And it should explain what intelligence sources and methods would be compromised by sharing everything.” (05/15/24)