Profile: The Far Out Initiative

Source: Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander

“People talk a lot about ‘neurodiversity,’ but they mostly just mean that some people are autistic or whatever. The true extent of neurodiversity — like 99% of the colors that one woman can see — remains invisible to most of us. My other disagreement with neurodiversity advocates is that they insist no neurotype is better than any other. This is, as they say, a postmodernist lie. The best neurotype belongs to a 76 year old Scottish woman named Jo Cameron. Cameron’s condition was discovered ten years ago, when her anaesthesiologist noticed she needed no pain medication after a difficult surgery. He checked her records and found she had never asked for pain medication, and moreover, that she described giving birth as basically painless. … Cameron appeared to be incapable of any form of suffering. She could not feel pain. She had never been anxious or depressed.” (05/15/24)