The Debate Over Lab-Grown Meat

Source: Quillette
by Matthew Adelstein

“Cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, confectionary, and fast food all pose risks to the health of consumers, but we are permitted to weigh the costs and benefits for ourselves. The risks to human health posed by lab-grown meat are thought to be very low, so the case for banning it on health grounds is weak. … Opposition to lab-grown meat that invokes fears of economic disruption is not only anti-progress, it is also anti-capitalist. A safe new product ought to be allowed to compete for customers in the marketplace, and if the net benefits of one product outweigh those of the other, the new industry will flourish, thereby creating new job opportunities in the labour market. The automobile industry may have put some horse breeders out of business, but it employed many new mechanics. ” (05/15/24)