The Limits of Court-Imposed Justice

Source: Law & Liberty
by Neal McCluskey

“People of a certain age might recall the early-1970s ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ television commercial, featuring an expanding chorus of singers, all of different racial and ethnic groups, joining their voices to declare how they would like to ‘teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.’ It captured an ideal many people no doubt share: All, diverse people, perfectly integrated. Of course, humanity is not a Coca-Cola ad (indeed making that spot had its share of clashes and letdowns). Bringing people with differing values, backgrounds, and desires into perfect harmony is perhaps impossible under even the best of circumstances. But as Boston College law professor R. Shep Melnick examines in The Crucible of Desegregation: The Uncertain Search for Educational Equality, the task has been especially daunting for federal courts trying to undo centuries of forced education segregation.” (05/15/24)