CA: BetterHelp to pay out nearly $8 million settlement to thousands of users

Source: SFGate

“BetterHelp, the Mountain View-based company that helped drive massive adoption of online therapy services, is about to send money to around 800,000 customers for alleged privacy violations. The company agreed to the $7.8 million payout in 2023, after the Federal Trade Commission accused it of revealing customers’ email addresses, IP addresses and answers to personal health questions to advertisers. BetterHelp, the company, runs an eponymous therapy platform, along with specialized versions like Teen Counseling and Regain. The FTC’s allegations all concerned the behavior of the parent company. On Monday, the FTC announced that the company’s customers from August 2017 through December 2020 would begin receiving payment eligibility notices. An agency spokesperson told the Associated Press that the payments would come out to just under $10 a person. BetterHelp didn’t admit to any of the FTC’s allegations by agreeing to pay the customers.” (05/14/24)