Guess which huge Biden lie CNN refused to fact-check

Source: Fox News
by Tim Graham

“On May 8, President Joe Biden took the very unusual step of submitting to an interviewer who was an actual journalist (not like Howard Stern or Drew Barrymore). It wouldn’t be long before he started mangling his record – and Donald Trump’s. CNN anchor Erin Burnett began with how Trump’s promises of new jobs in Wisconsin didn’t come true: ‘Why should people here believe that you will succeed at creating jobs where Trump failed?’ Biden bragged. ‘He’s never succeeded in creating jobs and I have never failed. I have created over 15 million jobs since I have been president.’ He did it all by himself! He claimed other than President Herbert Hoover, Trump’s ‘the only other president who lost more jobs than created in his four-year term.’ There’s a massive asterisk – the global COVID-19 pandemic.” (05/14/24)