Nanny State Screen Rules?

Source: Law & Liberty
by David B McGarry

“Numerous adolescent and teen mental-health metrics in the United States have markedly deteriorated in the last 15 years or so. [Jonathan] Haidt identifies a twofold cause, which he terms the ‘Great Rewiring.’ In his telling, smartphone proliferation has prompted young people to substitute devices and social media for in-person socializing. Meanwhile, he writes, safety-obsessed parenting has stunted children’s development of essential social skills, self-confidence, and mental resiliency. In the book’s best portions, Haidt provides insightful psychological explanations of everyday phenomena widely experienced online. … Ultimately, however, Haidt comes to several analytic and public-policy conclusions that his research cannot justify. He advocates invasive — and unconstitutional — regulation of social media with little attention to the many severe tradeoffs his preferred policies would impose.” (05/14/24)