DeSantis Bans Fake Meat Based on Fake News

Source: The UnPopulist
by Luke Hallam

“I enjoy a good burger as much as the next person and I won’t be expunging beef from my diet anytime soon. I can also at least conceive of reasons why a ban on fake meat might be defensible, such as to boost the interests of farmers, a form of protectionism that is common (if often detrimental) in democratic politics all over the world. I wouldn’t agree with banning meat for this reason, but at least it would make some kind of sense. The problem is, this is nothing like the justification DeSantis gave for banning fake meat in Florida. Rather, according to an infographic posted on social media, SB 1084 is necessary to counter the ‘globalist agenda’ through which the World Economic Forum intends to ‘force the world to eat fake meat and bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals.'” (05/14/24)