Citing Ethnic Cleansing, US Army Major Resigns Over Israel’s Assault on Gaza

Source: Common Dreams

“An American Army officer on Monday described months of being increasingly disturbed by the images and news of Israel’s U.S.-backed bombardment of Gaza, which culminated in his public resignation from his position at the Defense Intelligence Agency to avoid further complicity in Israel’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestinians. Army Maj. Harrison Mann published his resignation letter on LinkedIn, saying he had distributed it internally on April 16 to announce his resignation from the agency. As an officer at the DIA, Mann said, he has been unable to escape the fact that his place of work ‘directly executes policy’ for the Biden administration, including its ‘nearly unqualified support for the government of Israel, which has enabled and empowered the killing and starving of tens and thousands of innocent Palestinians.’ ‘My work here — however administrative or marginal it appeared — unquestionably contributed to that support,’ wrote Mann.” (05/13/24)