NC: Seinfeld mocks Harvard University during Duke commencement speech

Source: Fox News

“Comedian Jerry Seinfeld mocked Harvard University during a commencement speech at Duke University on Sunday after several anti-Israel students walked out of the ceremony when he was introduced. ‘I’m not talking about Harvard now. I’m talking about the way it used to be. You’re never going to believe this, Harvard used to be a great place to go to school. Now it’s Duke,’ he said, noting he had a lot of Harvard graduates on his staff in the 90s who were embarrassed about attending the Ivy League school. Some students chanted ‘free Palestine’ while leaving the ceremony after Seinfeld, a vocal supporter of Israel, was introduced. Anti-Israel students have set up encampments at colleges across the U.S., including at Harvard University, to protest the schools’ investments in Israel and the Israel-Hamas war. Seinfeld didn’t address the protesters in his speech and focused on his message to Duke’s graduates.” (05/13/24)