Trump loves the VP guessing game. He’ll probably milk it until mid-July.

Source: Washington Post
by Jim Geraghty

“The Republican veepstakes brings with it two elements lacking from the 2024 general election: suspense and drama. We already know that, barring some health issue, the Democratic ticket will be Joe Biden and Kamala D. Harris. They’re known quantities, running on four more years of what you’ve got already. Trump means four more years of what you’ve already had. When Trump makes his selection, most of these GOP figures will return to relative obscurity. But somebody is going to be elevated into the national spotlight, on the ticket in a jump-ball race, running alongside a man who turns 78 on June 14, who likes to eat Big Macs and fries from McDonald’s. Trump’s running mate might well be a clogged artery away from the presidency. … Expect Trump to drag this out as long as possible.” (05/13/24)