Chad: Election runner-up Succes Masra files bid to annul presidential poll result

Source: France 24 [French state media]

“Succes Masra, who came second in Chad’s presidential election, announced Sunday he had lodged a request with the Constitutional Council to have the vote annulled. Masra was acting after dozens of activists from his party were arrested and accused of having forged documents to get illegal access to vote counts. … ‘Our request is for the annulment, pure and simple, of this electoral farce,’ Sitack Yombatina, vice president of Masra’s Transformers Party, told AFP. ‘All the evidence is in the USB keys,’ attached to the request lodged with the Constitutional Council, he added. They included video footage of voting boxes being stuffed, thefts, threats, ‘but most of all ballot boxes that were taken away by the soldiers to be counted elsewhere,’ said Yombatina.” (05/13/24)