Is It Biden’s Turn to be Boxed In?

Source: CounterPunch
by Melvin Goodman

“In 2009, when Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and his military brass were pushing for as many as 80,000 additional troops in Afghanistan, only Vice President Joe Biden tried to convince President Barack Obama that the Pentagon’s strategy would not succeed. He was the administration’s only genuine skeptic regarding Gates’[s] recommendations for more force. In the Obama administration’s first White House meeting on the war, Biden shouted ‘We have not thought through our strategic goals.’ In private, Biden warned Obama not to get ‘boxed in’ by Gates and the generals. … Biden’s national security team is currently preparing policy for striking terrorist targets with drones outside of any active war zone, which contradicts the president’s repeated statements that he wants to end the ‘forever wars.’ There is also the problem of allowing the Pentagon to make decisions regarding drone strikes without consulting the White House or the National Security Council.” (09/08/21)