The Road to a Stateless Axis of Resistance

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“The Axis of Resistance may not be a traditionally anarchist arrangement, it has always been an uneasy alliance of rogue states like Iran and Syria and non-state actors like the Houthis and Hezbollah, but the fascinating thing about this arrangement is that the longer the American war machine overstays its welcome in the region, the more rogue these non-state actors seem to become, to the point where the supposed proxies are beginning to overpower the influence of their funders back in Tehran. Both Hezbollah and the Sadrists have formed fully functioning parallel governments to the states that Iran props up within their nation’s borders and the populations that they serve have rallied around these stateless alternatives to central governance, forming thriving, diverse, and autonomous communities while the states they reject rot.” (05/12/24)