In Praise Of The Agnostic

Source: The American Conservative
by Michael Warren Davis

“‘I know that I know nothing,’ Socrates once said, in what came to be known as history’s first humblebrag. A lot of good it did him, too. A few years later, he was executed by the City of Athens for being a chronic smartass. And can you really blame them? Still, it’s a great line. For the last 2,000 years, it has served as the standard for all worldly wisdom. And it’s a standard to which we Americans ought to hold ourselves. … I really do believe we could save this country, if only we could push three simple words over the jaw: I don’t know. Let that be the creed of a new agnosticism, not in religion, but in … well, everything else. Don’t let us define ourselves by how much we know, but how much we have yet to learn.” (09/08/21)