CA: Battle over billionaire’s private Bay Area beach access goes to trial again

Source: SFGate

“The never-ending battle over access to Martins Beach has been revived again by a Bay Area judge who ruled California’s case against a billionaire landowner can go forward. The saga began 16 years ago when Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla bought an 89-acre beachfront property in San Mateo County. That property included Martins Beach Road, long used to access the beach, which he gated off and closed to the public. Since then, multiple lawsuits have been filed to force Khosla to share the road once more. In 2018, a decade after Khosla bought the property, the U.S. Supreme Court declined his appeal, seemingly handing Martins Beach back to the public for good. But the next year, a San Francisco district appeals court ruled in favor of Khosla. The fight centers around ‘public dedication.’ In property law, this can either be explicit (a land grant by the owner, for example) or merely implied.” (05/12/24)