Tunisia: Protesters Demand Date for Presidential Elections

Source: US News & World Report

“Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Tunisian capital on Sunday to demand the release of imprisoned journalists, activists and opposition figures, and the setting of a date for fair presidential elections. The protest comes amid an economic‮ ‬and political crisis and a wave of arrests targeting journalists, lawyers, activists and opponents. Tunisian police stormed the building of the Deanship of Lawyers on Saturday and arrested Sonia Dahmani, a lawyer known for her fierce criticism of President Kais Saied. Two journalists were also arrested on the same day. The Election Commission said earlier that the elections would be held on time, but with the president’s first term, which lasts for five years, drawing to a close, it has not so far announced a date. Saied took office following free elections in 2019, but two years later seized additional powers when he shut down the elected parliament and moved to rule by decree.” (05/12/24)