Musk’s X loses lawsuit against Bright Data over data scraping

Source: CNBC

“A federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk’s X against Israel’s Bright Data, in a case that involved the scraping of public online data and its appropriate uses. X, formerly Twitter, sued Bright Data, alleging the company ‘scrapes data from X’ and sells it ‘using elaborate technical measures to evade X Corp.’s anti-scraping technology.’ X also claimed the company violated its terms of service and copyright. Data scraping occurs when automated programs scour publicly accessible websites to collect data, which can later be used for a wide range of purposes, including training artificial intelligence models and targeting online ads. … In dismissing the complaint, Judge William Alsup wrote, ‘X Corp. wants it both ways: to keep its safe harbors yet exercise a copyright owner’s right to exclude, wresting fees from those who wish to extract and copy X users’ content.'” (05/10/24)