Long (Political) Covid

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“COVID-19 radicalization is something one would expect to see more of among people who already had libertarian inclinations, which includes both the self-conscious libertarians with their Hayek books tucked under their arms and the more traditional ‘You’re not the boss of me!’ American types. The weird thing is that COVID-19 radicalization has made so many of these libertarians less libertarian rather than more so. They haven’t moved from Free to Choose to The Machinery of Freedom, from Milton Friedman to David Friedman, from Ayn Rand fantasies to anarcho-capitalist fantasies. No, they’ve moved from Reason to Breitbart to Mother Jones circa 1985, keeping the radical urgency but giving up on the part of libertarianism oriented toward — what was it, again? — liberty.” (05/10/24)