How Many Political Parties Can Donald Trump Intellectually Corrupt?

Source: Washington Monthly
by Bill Scher

“Trump has an incentive to infiltrate the Libertarian Party and depress its vote total. Biden’s 2020 margin in three swing states — Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin — was smaller than the vote for then-Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen. But what incentive do Libertarians have to help Trump? Why would the Libertarian Party, long a thorn in the GOP side — for example, forcing runoff elections in Georgia and helping Democrat Jon Tester eke out Senate wins in Montana — give one of the least libertarian Republican nominees in American history their coveted platform? Trump has already mutated the ideological DNA of the GOP, turning the Reaganite party of strong defense and limited government into a party of Putinphiles and protectionists. Is he now warping the philosophy of a second political party, one premised on individual liberty, into a vehicle that winks at authoritarianism?” (05/10/24)