These University Presidents Aren’t Leaders, They’re Lackeys

Source: Common Dreams
by Richard Eskow

“‘The dog-star rages,’ wrote the poet Alexander Pope. ‘All Bedlam (meaning insanity), or Parnassus (meaning poetic inspiration), is let out.’ Madness, inspiration … we know which is which on American campuses. Protesting students, inspired by clear-eyed visions of justice, are being assaulted by the lunatic engines of violence. It is as clear a contrast of life against death as we’ve seen in living memory. The dog star (Sirius, the harbinger of hot weather) had come earlier than expected when I visited the Gaza encampment at George Washington University (GWU) last week. The warm and humid air hovered over the tents and bodies when I arrived at dusk. That warm air lingered as a Jewish Voice for Peace organizer announced that it was time for the Muslims’ sunset prayer. It was still there when full darkness fell and the student muezzin called the night prayer.” (05/11/24)