Apple has declared war on our humanity

Source: spiked
by Simon Evans

“The advert for the new Apple iPad Pro features a hydraulic press crushing all the traditional tools, materials and artefacts of human creativity into a single reflective slither. Released earlier this week, it’s supposed to reflect how the the new model is Apple’s thinnest product ever, but the end result instead appears like a shard of infinitely dense compressed evil, like a fragment of the devil’s looking glass, as was shattered and scattered in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. How many of us had that on our iBingo* Card for 2024? (*£2.99 from the App Store, includes in-app purchases.) … Does Apple really not understand that most human beings do not regard objects like classical guitars, interchangeable camera lenses and oil paints as obstacles and impediments standing between them and artistic expression, but rather the very stuff of an inner life itself? Apparently not.” (05/09/24)