Dems’ kangaroo court against Donald Trump is only backfiring

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“For Donald Trump haters, the Stormy Daniels trial is a fantasy come true. An orgasmic treat of Don­ald in his boxers, being spanked on the bottom by a porn actress. The former president trapped in court like a caged lion, forced to listen to all the humiliating detail instead of being out on the campaign trail entertaining the orcs. Their matinee-idol judge, Juan Merchan, with his fetching gray cowlick, threatening to throw Trump in jail if he doesn’t stop shaking his head. And, somewhere, they hope, ­Melania shedding a tear under her Gucci sunglasses. Whoopi Goldberg looked as if she was having an out-of-body rapture on ABC’s ‘The View’ this week, when the conversation turned to whether Merchan should throw Trump in jail for contempt. ‘To prove a point, put him in the clink!’ co-host Sunny Hostin chortled. ‘Why not? Put him in the clink!'” (05/08/24)