Judge Hearing Noncompete Cases Holds Stock in Companies That Use Noncompetes

Source: American Prospect
by David Dayen

“We all know the drill by now: A federal agency finalizes a rule to make people’s lives a bit better, a business gets offended because the rule might slightly eat into their record profits, and the Chamber of Commerce files a lawsuit in Texas, automatically drawing a reliably conservative judge. It looks like we’re now going to have to add a part four to this pattern: The judge holds stocks in companies with a material interest in the rule. Meet Judge J. Campbell Barker, a Donald Trump appointee who is presiding over the Chamber’s challenge to the Federal Trade Commission’s ban on noncompete agreements. The watchdog group Accountable.US revealed yesterday that Barker, as of his most recent financial disclosure form, which covers up to the end of 2022, owns as much as $665,000 in the stock of three companies that regularly use noncompetes to prevent employees from leaving for competitors.” (05/09/24)