Ukraine: Regime adopts Russian-style “convicts as troops” scheme

Source: Independent [UK]

“Ukraine is enlisting convicted prisoners in its army fighting the Russian invasion as the Volodymyr Zelensky regime struggles to replenish manpower on the frontline. Reeling under an intensifying Russian offensive, Kyiv is running out of manpower and material to continue waging the war after over two years and rotate out its exhausted and outnumbered frontline soldiers. To make up some of this shortfall, the Ukrainian parliament now passed a bill on Wednesday to raise several thousand new soldiers from a pool of up to 20,000 convicts. It’s pending Mr Zelensky’s signature to become law. However, not all prisoners would be allowed to enlist. Those convicted of serious crimes such as rape, sexual violence, premediated murder of two or more people, terrorism, dealing drugs and treason wouldn’t be permitted to swap their sentences for a chance to help Kyiv repel the Russian offensive.” (05/09/24)