Ending the Conflict in Israel Will Require Dealing With the Sub-Rational Motives On Both Sides

Source: The UnPopulist
by Michael G Holzman

“The greatest tragedy of this entire conflict is that everyone knows the only rational outcome: two groups of people who deeply distrust each other will need to be neighbors. … For most of the modern world, liberalism — with its use of empirical evidence, free flow of information, fair rule of law, impartial institutions, governmental checks and balances, the protection of minority voices, and the deliberative systems of representative democracy — creates the rules, which provide the moral framework to protect human life and dignity. If Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, and Bedouin (a messy quilt of overlapping identities) will ever live together peacefully under vines and fig trees, then some kind of liberal system will be necessary.” (05/08/24)