The Real Problem with Plagiarism

Source: Quillette
by Ben Bayer

“Harvard president Claudine Gay stepped down from her post in January over allegations of serial plagiarism. Gay’s critics allege that she had been a ‘diversity hire’ — that is to say, Harvard had not hired Gay for her distinguished academic resume, but because she would be the first black president of Harvard. Since then, a number of other high-profile Harvard academics have been accused of plagiarism as well. One of the accused is even a psychologist who researches dishonesty. This scandal has reinforced the perception that academia is increasingly willing to compromise its academic standards in the name of a rival set of values. But whatever Harvard’s reasons for hiring Gay, and whatever the actual effects of diversity ideology on academic standards, universities do seem to have lost interest in working to protect academic integrity in relation to other priorities.” (05/08/24)