Fani Willis’s refusal to testify shows utter shamelessness of the gang going after Trump

Source: New York Post
by staff

“Now Georgia’s disgraced Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has announced that she rejects the rule of law: She will refuse to testify before the state Senate as it investigates her alleged malfeasance with taxpayer money. ‘I will not appear to anything that is unlawful, and I have not broken the law in any way,’ blathered Willis. Willis, you’ll recall, abused her position to hire secret lover Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia elections case. She seemingly accepted lavish gifts from Wade. And then, after she got caught, she tried to brazen her way out of the whole sordid affair by stonewalling, screeching and squirming. So the state Senate is 100% correct to call her on the carpet.” (05/08/24)