Trump’s Libertarian Convention Speech a “Head-Scratcher” — for the Libertarians

Source: The American Conservative
by W James Antle III

“Weeks before the former President Donald Trump is scheduled to accept the Republican presidential nomination for the third time, he will speak to the Libertarian National Convention, a move that has been described as a ‘bit of a head-scratcher.’ Naturally, many Libertarians are not happy about it. … it is really not much of a head-scratcher as to why Trump would want to address the Libertarians. Third parties and independent candidacies are going to matter more this year than four years ago. Trump would like to ensure that this fact benefits him at least as much as it did in 2016. … The only ‘head-scratcher’ is why the Libertarian Party would want Trump to dominate the headlines coming out of their convention, during which they will presumably nominate their own presidential candidate.” (05/08/24)