How the president hides his policy agenda from the public

Source: The Hill
by Merrill Matthews

“The Biden administration is rushing to finalize a slate of new rules before the end of May. The regulations would limit oil and gas exploration, make it nearly impossible to fire civil servants, impose sweeping environmental regulations and accomplish a host of other liberal priorities. If officials miss that May deadline, an in-coming Republican-dominated Congress could use a federal statute, the ‘Congressional Review Act,’ to quickly overturn those rules come January. Some administration officials are clearly worried they won’t finish their rulemaking in time — which, by design, involves an enormous amount of procedural red-tape and box-checking. So, they’re embracing an alternative strategy to shield some of their liberal proposals from conservative reversals. In effect, the administration is claiming some of the new rules aren’t actually rules at all. They’re just ‘guidance.’ It’s like when politicians raise taxes but call them ‘fees,’ hoping to avoid an anti-tax backlash from voters.” (05/07/24)