The Wicked Rebellion: General Clinton’s Amnesty Offer and North Carolina’s Rejection

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey

“No deal. That’s pretty much how North Carolina patriots responded to British Major General Henry Clinton’s proclamation condemning what he called their ‘wicked rebellion’ along with his offer of amnesty for everyone, but two, who would return allegiance to the King. Tensions in North Carolina had been building for most of the previous year, culminating in the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge on Feb. 27, 1776. Known to many historians as the ‘Lexington and Concord of the South,’ Patriot troops commanded by Col. Richard Caswell defeated a force of British Highlanders and loyalist troops. The patriot force killed or wounded about 70 British troops and captured 850 soldiers, along with a large number of rifles and money. The battle effectively marked the end of royal authority in North Carolina. It also led the Fourth North Carolina Provincial Congress to convene in April and instruct the North Carolina delegation to the Continental Congress to vote for independence.” (05/05/24)